MNC - Monday Night Club (or Thursdays apparently)

House hunting: Part One

Neverwinter quietened down after the events of last week. We were an item of interest for a few days though and found it hard to get away from the accusations and incessant questions. We found ourselves in a backwater inn drinking their backwash & water ale, throwing dice with a shady old guy. He claimed to be a big landholder to the east.

After several rounds I was doing rather well & decided to get a round in at the bar. Tuk, our unlikely Paladin companion, came with me and asked the gnome behind the bar about him. He didn’t have a groat to his name.

He did, under intense questioning and a cold steel arrowhead at the back of his skull, reveal that he had the title deeds to his holdfast. We took this in payment and set off the next day to inspect our winnings.

All was not well to the East though, we were waylaid on the road by bandits and have now decided to spend the night in an abandoned inn. I am currently on watch, the night is passing slowly, we boarded up the door where we…

A Goblin just ran past up the road, going the same way we are, I suspect the rest of this night might be slightly more interesting.



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