Queen Aribeth of Neverwinter

Queen of Neverwinter


Queen Aribeth was named for the Paladin hero of Neverwinter. Sadly the similarity ends there. The Queen is selfish, aloof, proud, arrogant and vain. The one redeeming trait the queen does have is her beauty.

‘The Jewel of the North’ she has been called. She is doted on by princes, lords and rich merchants beyond counting but is yet to take a husband. She claims she is ‘too young to be burdened with one’.

She is loved by her courtiers but few else. Many in Neverwinter are starving while the royal coin is spent on lavish parties. There might have been open rebellion but for the love the people bore her father and brother who never returned from the battle of Goldenfields twelve years ago. Many eyewitnesses saw her father slain on the field of battle but no body was found for her brother. Many still hold hope that the rightful King of Neverwinter will return to replace his sister.


Rumoured to be having illicit relations with Charistophelem, her Tiefling bard.

Queen Aribeth of Neverwinter

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