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Ley of Ages: Part Two

Day six: The swamp

We tracked through the mists at first light. It was tough going through thick mud. After a few hours we came across a seemingly abandoned camp. I then spotted the Minotaur hiding, not too subtly, in the bullrushes ahead. Before I was able to call out he had grabbed the half-elf by the throat then something happened I didn’t expect… he spoke. Not in a voice you’d expect if Minotaurs spoke but eloquently, like one of highborn nobility.

As it turns out he is a Paladin of Bahamut and raised in the temple. Now he is a mighty warrior who, upon hearing of the goodness the Ley of Ages might bring to our blighted land, has lent his sword to bring it to the court of Neverwinter.

He also had a companion, a human girl. At first I thought her a squire or perhaps a peasant who had tagged along with him. She carried no weapons and wore no armour. Imagine my surprise when we were set upon by Hobgoblins and she began to fling them around like ragdolls. Another Psion? Perhaps I’m just being paranoid but to meet two in a lifetime would be considered unusual for most. This one does not fight like the other who I’m still not certain about if he is or isn’t. I’m also not certain this girl is human, her eyes are yellow and her skin has a bronzed quality. I’m yet to see a bead of sweat on her and she sometimes talks as someone older than she looks, much older.

The hobgoblins were fierce and knew the terrain better than we, I even thought we had lost the razorclaw at one point as he fell unconscious into the mire but our new ally, the Paladin has a good heart and healed Eltharian who leapt up out of the mud as a swift feral beast.

The Hobgoblin Shaman had been carrying a crude map with what looked like a patrol route. We surmised that the Goblin tribes were moving down to the lowlands and scouting out new territory. The map was drawn on the bark of an Everwhite, a tree that grows above the green treelines on mountainsedes to the North. The paladin of all people seemed to know the specific genus of tree as belonging to the Many Arrows Pass, about 2 days travel to the North East. We rested up and set off again at first light, this time as a five.



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