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Ley of Ages: Part Three

Day Seven – uphill struggle

Today was walking, a lot of walking. We’ve made camp just inside the treeline, below us is a vast forest and the marshland below that. Above us is snow and rock… too tired to write more right now & I’ve got first watch.

Day Eight – Are we there yet-i?

We set off again, this time before dawn. After several hours of marching we were set upon by two Yetis. One made the most painful screeching sound I’ve ever heard, I’m surprised it didn’t bring half the mountain down on us. We dispatched them quickly and the razorclaw made several cloaks of their pelts. I imagine they will be useful in this environment for warmth and camouflage.

Snow began to fall and the wind picked up, it wasn’t long before we I couldn’t see the Minotaur at the front when I was a the back of our little column.

We found shelter in the many arrows pass and eventually saw a far-off glimpse of the silver city.

Day eight – Later that day; Elves at the gates

When we approached the gates we were confronted by ghostly watchmen, the lingering spirits of the Avariel who died defending their city six hundred years ago. They allowed us to pass.

Inside we took refuge from the wind & snow in the temple of Sune for a moment before heading into the citadel, the most likely place, we thought, to find out prize. A magical thicket barred our way and turned out to be a trap, we were set upon by skeletons and a mighty blizzard dragon. The fight was fierce but we prevailed, now we must find a way to pass this thicket to gain entrance to the keep.—



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