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Ley of Ages: Part One

Day one: The Bard
I have decided to keep a diary of our adventures. Maybe someone someday will find it interesting. Maybe one of our strange group will become someone of legend or perhaps we will witness something great or terrible in our travels that scholars will learn from or bards will sing of.
Our company is small this time out, just three of us. There is myself, my name is Fingolfin, I am a Wood Elf of Suldanesselar, a Ranger. Also among our number today was a razorclaw and a half-elf. The razorclaw I thought just another fool with a sword at first but he surprised me with both his wit and his peculiar abilities, deadly and subtle. The half-elf is a strange-looking one, he fights with axe and shield but with a focus and intensity I’ve never seen in a front-line combatant, I think he might be a psion, not too many of them around these days, not openly at least.
Our long stay in Neverwinter is finally at its end. We were summoned to the royal court, an audience with the queen we were told. As it was, things were not quite so glamorous. We were receives and sent on our way by the queen’s favorite bard, a Tiefling by the name of Charistophelem. He had a chilling a presence though I could not pinpoint the source of my discomfit with him, such is the problem when dealing with the progeny of hellspawn.
It would seem that the ley of ages, a legendary song with powerful magic has been located. It lies in the deserted city of Celeb Rathan, the silver city. Once the jewel of the Avariel, now a haunted mausoleum. The city is nestled in amongst the mountain peaks far to the North.
The song, it is said, will bring prosperity to the land for a thousand years if sung. We are to return with it in no more than one month to claim our prize. The Queen’s birthday is our deadline and the song will be sung by her favourite bard, I anticipate that he will wish to have some time to learn the song ahead of the celebrations so perhaps we have less time than we thought.
It is a tenday trek to Celeb Rathan and winters are colder still that far North. It will be no easy journey, the winter has been harsh and long, unnaturally so. We have heard tell of increasing goblin raids from goblin tribes that have been forced from their mountain homes into the lowlands.

Day two: Horsing around
We set off the next day at first light, my companions acquired some fine horses, I did not ask where from. We made haste up the northern road toward Port Llast. From there our road will head inland. The thought occurred to me, too late as it so often does, that we didn’t ask many questions and that we’re not sure what we’re looking for. Perhaps we assumed, hopefully correctly, that it will be obvious, that an artifact of such legend will be obvious to the naked eye. Maybe our furry arcane friend will know how to identify it…

Day four: Merchants and Mercy
After three days on the road without another soul in sight we met a Calimshite merchant on the road just south of Port Llast. He was waiting for a group such as ours to assist his passage through the canyon road ahead, prime ambush territory. We agreed to help escort him for a small fee. Sure enough we encountered a group of bandits led by a mage. We made short work of the bandits and the mage yielded to us but, at the merchant’s behest, one of the caravan guards ran him through without a second thought.
After the canyon we shared a meal with the merchant and bid him farewell, leaving the road behind to set out cross-country toward the northern marches and the foothills of the Spine of the World mountains.

Day five: Bogs and Goblins
We spent most of today trudging through knee-deep mud, and avoiding a Goblin raiding party, tiring work. Shortly after midday the thick fog that hung over the marshlands lifted briefly. Ahead we saw another group of travelers heading in the same direction as us. Perhaps they are one of the other groups the Bard spoke of. They were too far ahead to catch up on. We have settled down for the night in a giant rib cage. The half-elf says they are dragon bones, probably a black dragon as they favour marshlands and swamps. We are most definitely in dragon country now though, the Spine is famous for it, we will need to be wary, I don’t think we are ready to face a dragon yet.



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