MNC - Monday Night Club (or Thursdays apparently)

Ley of Ages: Epilogue

Day Sixteen: Return to Neverwinter

The journey back was slow going, the horses bolted in the snowstorm and we had the prisoner too. We entered the palace amidst all the preparations for the Queen’s birthday celebrations. The bard was there to greet us eagerly in the royal court. We were paid our fee and the prisoner taken from us and thrown in the dungeons.

Alas, despite our efforts we did not merit an invitation. We stood close by though, straining our ears to hear the song. A thousand people filled the palace courtyard and before the music played you could have heard a mouse fart.

The music that played was not the song that we delivered, it was a cacophony, painful to the ears as were the screams that followed. The smell of sulphur filled the air as an old tall man in a red cloak pushed through the crowd and removed the massive doors from their hinges with a flick of his staff. “Stay this madness!” He bellowed and then proceeded to wreak havoc himself but very soon everything died down and he left without a further word.

What, then, happened to our song? Who was the man in red? What of the bard?



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