MNC - Monday Night Club (or Thursdays apparently)

House Hunting: Part Two

It turns out that the inn wasn’t as abandoned as we first thought; Upstairs another group was sleeping and awoke in time to help us fend off a horde of Orcs. The inn was burned to the ground but the orcs were slaughtered.

These strangers are a strange bunch, I’m not sure if I completely trust them. I don’t doubt their abilities though having seen them fight.

The warlock was brash & brazen, seeming to revel in the chaos and madness of the fight. I think I was as scared of him as I was of the Orcs.

The other two seemed more calculating and precise, flitting in & out of the shadows & striking with ferocity and serenity in equal measure. I’ll be keeping an arrow to hand until I know more about these folks…

With the inn burned to the ground and nowhere to rest nearby we were forced to flee, the sound of many more Orcs headed our way.

Gods it feels good to be killing Orcs again!



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