MNC - Monday Night Club (or Thursdays apparently)

House Hunting: Part Three

We journeyed north through the rocky foothills. Some of us, myself, the human and the minotaur, went to investigate a cave system. What we found inside was disturbing. The miners had turned into crazed cannibals and we were forced to put them down.

The cave entrance collapsed while we were inside, trapping us. Fortunately our scoundrel friend found a hidden trapdoor beneath an altar though we needed the help of an archaeologist who had been imprisoned. He led us to a book that held the necessary instructions for how to open it, good thing he was there as none of the rest of us knew the language in which it was written.

The door led us to some catacombs, perhaps an old underground temple or maze wherein there was an unnatural darkness that clung to us, our torches and sunrods were of limited use. The undead and spiders roamed these halls, we could almost always hear them but could only see them when we had practically walked into them.

We had to carry the malnourished archaeologist whose state of mind was getting more fragile by the minute, he began babbling innanely or so we thought at first however amongst the garbled words there was still a sane mind fighting and he led us to a crystal at the heart of the catacombs. The crystal shot bolts of lightning at us, I was quick enough to dodge, the minotaur seemed to take the hit without effect but the archaeologist was not so lucky and what little sanity remained appeared to have gone.

Sensing further danger I leapt in to remove the crystal from it’s pedestal. It instantly shattered leaving me holding a strange metal shard. A key!

The key allowed us through a wall into a store room, seemingly frequently used. The wall reformed behind us, you’d never even know it was anything other than a wall. The kitchen staff of the castle were somewhat surprised to see us.

Our rather eventful day ended with us bartering for our freedom with the lord of the keep we had just inadvertently invaded. The trade was our help in defending his keep against an imminent orc attack.



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